Are All Wine Kits Created Equal?

Are all wine kits created equal? The short answer is no. Just as easily as you can purchase a new car for $20 000.00 you can also buy one for $150 000.00. At the end of the day you both have a car, one just happens to be much nicer to drive. You can purchase an $8.00 bottle of Shiraz at the liquor store or a $25.00 bottle of Shiraz. Obviously, in both cases you have a bottle of Shiraz, the more expensive one just happens to have more body, aromatics and bouquet. The exact same logic applies to a wine kit, an $80.00 wine kit will have more complexity than a $60.00 wine kit and a $135.00 kit with have more body, aromatics and bouquet than both the $60.00 and the $80.00 wine kit.
Typically when purchasing a wine kit the larger the wine kit the fuller bodied the finished product will be. If you are looking to make a wine that is the equivalent value to an $8.00-$10.00 wine from the liquor store an inexpensive wine kit with fit the bill. However you can not produce a $25.00 lcbo wine from a less expensive kit. Always take into account you get what you pay for.