About Us


We were established in 1995: Our Mission is to retain you as a life long customer. To achieve this, we will strive to provide you with the highest quality ingredients, equipment and hospitality for your wine and beer making needs.

Products and Services:

  • Full on premises winemaking
  • Full line of wine and beer making ingredients for those of
    you who vint your product at home
  • We carry over 130 different wines from all over the globe

Haus of Vine’s standard wines are made from a concentrate and juice blend. Our Premium wines are made from a pure juice and concentrate blend. Our highest quality wines are made from 100% pure juices with no water added, fermented with the actual grape skins which add extra body, producing a wine possessing superior flavour normally found in high quality expensive wines. Haus of Vine also offers a large selection of wedding and special occasion wine packages to suit your needs. Don’t forget Sherry, Port, Ice Wine, Fruit and Sparkling wines are also available.

Our Guarantee:

100% complete satisfaction, if you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

Awards We’ve Won:

The Etobicoke Guardian Gold and Platinum Awards for Favourite Wine Making Establishment.
Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at the International Amateur Wine Makers Competition.