FAQs & Tips

Embark on your DIY wine adventure effortlessly! Dive into our Frequently Asked Questions to uncover tips on crafting your perfect blend!

Dusty alcoholic beverage bottles with coiled corks on wooden shelves at wine farm

Easy Steps to Make Your Own Wine on Site

  • Select your wine from our wide variety of available Wine Selections.
  • Call or email us to place your order for wine & bottles (if required) & arrange payment.
  • Book your initial appointment to start your batch of wine.
  • Visit us in person at appointment time to start your batch of wine, along with bottles (if providing your own).
  • Wait approximately 4-6 weeks while your wine goes through the fermentation, stabilization, clarification process.
  • When notified, come and bottle your wine on site. Bottling process takes approx. 30 min per batch of wine.
  • Take home and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions & Tips

What kinds of wine are available?

Haus of Vine vints over 100 different varieties of wine. If you don’t see a variety you are looking for please contact And we will help find it for you.

How much do the wine selections cost, are they expensive?

Our wines made on premises range from $130-$250 for a 30 bottle batch. Prices are subject to change.

Are the wine types dry or sweet?

All wines ferment out to a dry finish, however any wine can be sweetened to taste. There are no rules in this department.

What is the alcohol content of these wines?

Our fruit wines produce approximately 7.5-8.5% and our table wines range between 9.5% and 15.2%. However they can be adjusted as well.

Are these wines as good as LCBO or store bought brands?

Absolutely, It will help to allow the wine to age after taking it home. You can also change your recipe to suit your wine.

Can I bring my own bottles or do I need to purchase them?

You can bring your own bottles, or we have them available for purchase.

How best to remove labels if I bring my own bottles?

Since all of our batches include labels, it is best to remove them before returning to bottle your wine. If they were labels you applied using our label moistener, simply soak the bottles in hot water for 1 minute and they float right off. If they were the peel and stick variety, simply peel them off again, without using water (if you are having trouble, try filling the bottle with warm water to warm up the glass). That’s it!

If the bottles you have came from the LCBO, the labels can be quite tricky. Try soaking overnight in luke warm water with a touch of bleach, followed by scraping off what you can. If there is any leftover sticky glue, try using a product called GooGone, which can be purchased at any hardware store.

How much are bottles if I purchase them from Haus of Vine?

A case of 12 – 750ml bottles are $20. They are available in either Green or Clear.

My wine doesn’t taste very good at bottling time, is this going to improve?

Wine that is young or “green” can be sharp and acidic tasting and this will improve with time. when the wine has matured the flavours will smooth out and mellow.

How long should I age my wine after I get it home?

Every wine ages differently, and everyone’s taste is slightly different too. In general, reds need longer to develop body and complexity, as they tend to be thin (watery) when young. Whites tend to be well received when younger, but have a crisp edge that mellows with time. As well, white wines develop aroma and smoothness with age, and reds gain complexity and fullness. Please keep in mind that everyone’s taste is different, so this list is a guide only. Your palate is the best judge!

The list below contains our recommended aging ranges:

  • Heritage Estates: 4 weeks to 8 months
  • Cru International: 2 – 14 months
  • Cru Select: 3 – 16 months
  • En Primeur  Winery Series & RQ: 4 – 18 months
  • Fruit wines need no aging at all! They do have a 1 year shelf life, but with age, these beverages often mellow and lose their fresh fruity taste. Enjoy young 🙂

The first number indicates when the wine is first becoming smoother and more palatable. The end time is not the shelf life, but rather the end of the most noticable aging curve. All the wines will age more slowly after their range, and keep for about a year

Does my wine have a shelf life?

Since we use minimal sulphites (preservatives), the shelf life of most of our white wines is about 1 year from bottling time, up to 2 years for reds. Red wines have natural preservatives from the grape skins (tannins) that allow them to last about 6-12 months longer than white wines at the same level. For these reasons, we include a 1-2 year cork with every batch. If you wish to keep your wine longer than a year, we recommend upgrading to our premium Synthetic cork to allow your wine to last up to 5 years.

How should I store my wine?

Ideally it should be in a dark, humid, cool (10°-15°C/53°-60°F) place with little temperature fluctuation and no movement. If you’ve used natural cork, store the wine on its side, if you’ve used synthetic it can be stored standing up.